In addition to the above list, we will design studies to fit your needs.

We are developing and are close to releasing an Appalachian Marcellus database that includes well and completion data.  Our Utica database will also be available soon.  A database for the Illinois Basin has been initiated as well.  Custom databases can also be generated for most basins or areas of interest by request.

EOR Projects

We are available for evaluating mature oil & gas fields for enhanced recovery projects.

Frac Sand Evaluation
We are available for evaluating sand deposits for use as proppant for hydraulic fracturing.

Shale Courses: Basic Tools for Shale Exploration
We have developed a basic shale exploration course to introduce mapping and evaluation techniques to entry-level geoscientists, as well as seasoned professionals lacking previous shale experience.  This course will be offered at various locations domestically and internationally throughout the year.  Field courses are also being developed to examine outcrops of many different shale formations.  An advanced course is also in the development phase.